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Welcome to PennyLane, where we offer gourmet, self serve frozen yogurt and a variety of other fine treats in Campbell, CA. This includes our self serve candy boutique, we invite our customers to mix and match our products or purchase individually. Please also enjoy our unique and exquisite bottled sodas with your treats!


We feature an extensive range of self serve desserts and gourmet candy, including gelato, sorbet (and vegan sorbet), custard, Italian Ice (and dairy free Italian Ice),  and many flavors of premium ice cream (including dairy free ice cream). To explore this exceptional selection, please visit us at PennyLane, today!

Italian Ice, Campbell, CA 95008
Self Serve Desserts, Campbell, CA 95008
Gourmet Candy, Campbell, CA 95008
Dairy Free Ice Cream, Campbell, CA 95008.

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Vegan Sorbet, Campbell, CA 95008

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715 W Hamilton ave Suite 1130

Campbell, CA 95008


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Dairy Free Italian Ice, Campbell, CA 95008
Sorbet, Campbell, CA 95008
Candy, Campbell, CA 95008
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Frozen Yogurt, Campbell, CA 95008
Desserts, Campbell, CA 95008

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715 W Hamilton ave Suite 1130, Campbell, CA 95008

Frozen Dessert, Campbell, CA 95008
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